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About “Via Lithuania”

Objective, strategic orientations, mission, vision and values

The objective of AB “Via Lietuva” is to transform the company into a modern, transparent and efficient organisation providing safe and sustainable infrastructure for all road users.

Strategic orientations of AB “Via Lietuva”:

• Sustainable financing model;
• Safe and comfortable road infrastructure;
• Sustainable operations, reducing climate impact;
• Digitalisation, innovation development;
• Transparent, efficient organisation, and engaged employees.

The mission of AB “Via Lietuva” is to ensure that travelling on Lithuania’s roads is safe, fast and comfortable, and that the road infrastructure is continuously improved and environmentally friendly, connecting communities and promoting economic growth.

Our vision is striving to be a driving force for positive change on Lithuania’s roads. To become a trusted partner to other infrastructure developers and to work together to create a safe, sustainable, and technologically advanced road network.

In pursuit of its mission, AB “Via Lietuva” is guided by the following values:

• Responsibility;
• Focus on quality;
• Focus on innovation;
• Teamwork.

The sole shareholder of the company is the State of the Republic of Lithuania, represented by the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania. All shares of the company are held by the State of the Republic of Lithuania.