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Cooperation between VILNIUS TECH and the State Enterprise Lithuanian Road Administration: improving the image of road engineers

2022 08 24

On 23 August, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University (VILNIUS TECH) and the Lithuanian Road Administration signed a cooperation agreement aimed not only at promoting the engineering profession among the members of the society, but also at closer contact between studies, science and practice, by publicizing and training specialists in road construction and engineering, by organizing scientific conferences and seminars, and by organising internships for VILNIUS TECH students.

Head of the Department of Roads of VILNIUS TECH doc. Viktorijas Vorobjovas points out that another important aspect is the exchange of information on ongoing research and projects.

“We have agreed that the Road Administration will contribute to the organisation of students’ traineeships and the applicability of the acquired knowledge in the workplace, and will provide topics and tasks for the students’ research and practical work. Representatives of the company will invite VILNIUS TECH scientists, lecturers and students to take part in solving topical problems in the fields of technological sciences, transport, road construction and maintenance,” says the Head of the Department of Roads.

In order to help solve technological problems, VILNIUS TECH will organise internships for students at the company, and will invite its representatives to participate in various scientific seminars on issues related to technological sciences, road construction and maintenance problems.

“I believe that this cooperation agreement will further strengthen the cooperation between the SE Lithuanian Road Administration and VILNIUS TECH, which has been ongoing for many years. VILNIUS TECH is one of the main partners in the preparation of normative documents, participates in traffic safety audits, and calculations of asphalt pavement structures are carried out on the basis of software developed by VILNIUS TECH,” says Remigijus Lipkevičius, the Head of the SE Lithuanian Road Administration.

He also points out that the Lithuanian Road Administration, together with VILNIUS TECH, is currently carrying out the first ever project in Lithuania on the use of slag in road construction. The aim of this project is to determine the impact of slag on road maintenance. The studies and the results will be used to decide on the future use of slag on Lithuanian roads. These are just some of the collaborative research and practical work being carried out in areas such as technological sciences, transport, road construction and maintenance.

According to R. Lipkevičius, this agreement will also contribute to another very important joint project of ours – the improvement of the image of the road engineering profession, and will probably encourage more young people to choose road engineering-related training programmes.

The Lithuanian Road Administration is a strategic company that manages roads of national importance. The country has around 21,000 km of national roads. The mission of the Road Administration is to create and provide the public with safe, comfortable, environmentally friendly and intelligent transport on Lithuanian roads.