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Interactive map of bridges to be repaired was created

2023 04 12

The joint stock company Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Road Administration) has created an interactive map providing 72 bridges in a bad condition to be repaired. The map also includes the designing, contract and construction works and the project contains information in relation therewith.

“This map is a simple and convenient way to find out about constructions currently included in the list of bridges to be repaired, their condition, plans of repair. This tool will help the residents to quickly obtain information on constructions to be repaired in their district, know the perspectives of their repairing”, said Aivaras Vilkelis, the Director of the Department of Planning and Innovations of Transport Infrastructure of the Road Administration.

On the map, all bridges are distributed according to different colours, which indicate the current phase of implementation of the object: public tender of designing services, designing, public tender of construction works or construction works. Each object contains additional information on the process of repair of the construction, its periods, number on the list of priority, the road and the precise location of the construction.

The majority of these bridges were built in the Soviet period, therefore the condition of the majority is bad. The changes of the condition of bridges is determined not only by their age, but also by the natural process of their operation, during which constructions deteriorate. It should be noted that the intensity of traffic has significantly increased since the bridges were constructed. The deterioration of bridges is also affected by changing weather (cold, humidity), which determine the degradation of concrete elements, corrosion of reinforced concrete structures.

All bridges, viaducts, overpasses, tunnels located on the roads of national importance are repaired in accordance with the order of priority, which is updated each year in accordance with the results of annual inspections and the funding granted by the Program of Road Maintenance and Development (PRMD). The highest amount of funding within the last 5 years is envisaged for this year’s reconstruction of bridges and viaducts located on roads of national importance.

The inspection of all bridges and viaducts located on roads of national importance is performed annually. During the inspection, the condition of floor elements, the condition of overlay and supporting constructions, as well as bridge elements are assessed.

The Road Administration pays a lot of attention to bridges and viaducts and plans to prepare a project “Evaluation of condition of bridges, viaducts, overpasses located on roads of national importance” before the end of the 3rd quarter, where the procedure, periodicity of inspections, evaluation of condition, collection and storage of data collected during inspections will be regulated.

Besides, before the end of the 2nd quarter of 2023, it is envisaged to update normative documents, which regulate the procedure of testing of bridges, assessment of indicators, principles of preparation of report, collection and storage of collected data.

According to the information of the Road Administration, in 2022, 41 bridge and viaduct on Lithuanian roads of national importance were repaired (25.5 million Euros were granted), this year, it is envisaged to repair 27 bridges and viaducts (58.8 million Euros are envisaged), in 2024 it is envisaged to repair 35 (the envisaged total value is about 70 million Euros).