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Preparing to reconstruct the road of national importance for national defence in Švenčionys District

2023 01 25

In Švenčionys District, near Pabradė Polygon, almost 6 km section of the regional road No 4415 Pabradė–Meškerinė (from 5.3 to 11.1 km) is being prepared for overhaul. The Lithuanian Road Administration has launched the public procurement for the preparation of the technical detailed design, supervision of the project implementation and execution of the works for the overhaul of this road section. It is planned that, following the successful completion of the public procurement procedures, the project will be implemented during the period 2023–2024.

“Understanding the national security needs of the State and working in close cooperation with the Ministry of National Defence, we are committed to the rapid development of road infrastructure important for national defence. One of these joint projects is the regional road of national importance Pabradė-Meškerinė, which, by the way, will also be used by local residents,” says Julius Skačkauskas, Vice-Minister of Transport.

The reconstruction of this road will ensure the long-term use of the road infrastructure in the vicinity of Pabradė polygon, which is used for military exercises by the Lithuanian Armed Forces and is the site of constant movement of military equipment.

“The infrastructure development is one of the main priorities of the Ministry of National Defence. It is particularly important for us to ensure the support of the host country and the military mobility that is needed both for the Lithuanian Armed Forces and for facilitating the arrival of allies,” said Žilvinas Tomkus, Vice-Minister of National Defence.

After the overhaul of the above mentioned road section, the road surface structure will be adapted to military vehicles. Such road surface structures are already installed on the sites used by the Armed Forces, on the internal roads of polygons belonging to the Armed Forces.

“In today’s context, it is very important to have a well-developed infrastructure adapted to military mobility, which would increase the overall security of the country,” says Remigijus Lipkevičius, Head of the Lithuanian Road Administration.

According to the data of the Road Administration, the project will be implemented on a “Design and Build” basis. The winner selected during one procurement procedure will be responsible for both the design and the contract works. The tenders will be evaluated on the basis of economic advantageousness, selecting the best tender on the basis of the ratio of the price and quality criteria.

This year, the Road Administration will devote considerable attention to infrastructure projects of importance for the country’s national security. Infrastructure projects related to the accessibility of the polygons of Pabradė, Rūdninki and Rukla by national roads are being prepared. Following the preparation of those projects, the contract works will be carried out.