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Upcoming reconstruction of road A14 Vilnius-Utena: almost 43 km length section from Riešė to Molėtai is being designed

2023 03 10

The reconstruction of the main road A14 Vilnius-Utena is approaching: in the near future 42.8 km length section of concrete road between Riešė (Vilnius district) and Molėtai will be designed. The designing works are initiated upon entry into force of designing agreements of 5 different sections, which were signed between designers and the joint stock company Lithuanian Road Administration. A section of the same road between Molėtai and Utena is already being designed since the autumn of last year.

“The designing of the longest remaining section of the road Vilnius-Utena has finally been initiated, which will allow choosing the optimum parameters of road leading to Molėtai and we will be able to begin the actual reconstruction works. Good news is that the designing of the section Molėtai – Utena has accelerated, so we will be prepared for the reconstruction of the entire concrete road that is in particularly bad condition. It is envisaged to begin the reconstruction of at least one section in Utena in the second half of this year”, said the Minister of Transport Marius Skuodis.

In accordance with the signed agreements, the section of the road A14 Vilnius – Utena from Riešė to Molėtai (21.5 – 64.3 km) will be designed: it is envisaged to prepare technical work projects of the road reconstruction.

In the aforementioned section, the road will need to have 3 traffic lanes, in order to ensure the traffic safety, the designers will have to provide solutions for rearrangement of cross-sections, to design rest stops for vehicles, bus stops, pedestrian crossings, protective barriers and other engineering traffic safety measures. Another task for designers is to assess the aspect of military mobility while designing the sections of the road.

“The main road Vilnius – Utena is one of the most important roads connecting the capital city and the North-East regions of Lithuania. Current cement and concrete road is deteriorated, therefore this road needs essential reconstruction. Having completed the designing of these sections, the total length of which is almost 43 km, contract works will be announced. After the reconstruction of the entire road is complete, we will be able to go safely and comfortably from Vilnius to Utena and to other locations in the North-East region”, said the Head of the Road Administration Marius Švaikauskas.

The technical work projects for reconstruction of sections from 21.5 to 39.2 km of the road A14 Vilnius – Utena will have to be prepared in 11 months, and the ones of the sections from 39.2 to 64.3 km – within 13 months from the day of entry into force of contracts. The total value of contracts is 768 thousand euros. After the completion of designing, public tender will be announced for contract works.

Currently, the section of the main road from Molėtai to Utena (from 64.332 to 93.726 km) is being designed and the project expertise is being performed in Utena (from 93.65 to 95.60 km). It is envisaged that the contract work in the section from Molėtai to Utena, including Utena city, will be completed in 2024, and the section from Riešė to Molėtai will be reconstructed in 2025.