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Use of tyre rubber – in asphalt mixtures

2023 01 29

The agreement on creating asphalt mixtures suitable for Lithuanian climatic conditions using recycled tyre rubber and determining their performance characteristics in order to assess the potential for further use has entered into force. In order to find a technological solution for the marketing of recycled tyre rubber products in asphalt mixtures for national roads, Lithuanian Road Administration, AB (hereinafter – the Road Administration) is conducting innovative research.

The service provider, VILNIUS TECH, undertook to carry out the activities set out in the agreement within 18 months and to develop an asphalt mixture modified with recycled tyres that could be used for road construction.

The service provider will analyse the experience of foreign countries in the use of recycled tyre rubber powders and granules in asphalt mixtures, and perform a study of the raw material of at least 3 different producers of recycled tyre rubber operating in Lithuania. During the study, the production technology of tyre rubber recycled material will be evaluated, laboratory tests of tyre rubber powder and tyre rubber granules will be performed.

Based on the study results, at least 4 different asphalt mixtures with recycled tyre rubber pellets and rubber powder will have to be designed. This will be followed by the production of prototypes of asphalt mixtures under laboratory conditions, the determination of their properties and the economic evaluation of designed asphalt mixtures.

“The use of recycled tyre rubber would contribute to the development of a sustainable infrastructure based on modern technologies and would properly exploit the advantages of the circular economy in order to reduce environmental pollution,” says Remigijus Lipkevičius, Director of the Road Administration.

The findings and results of the study will serve as a basis for decisions on further testing of the asphalt mixtures developed with recycled tyre rubber under real conditions. This is not the first time that recycled materials have been used on national roads based on the principles of the circular economy. In 2021, a pilot section of the road in Jurbarkas district was built using slag. The performance of this road surface design under real conditions is currently being investigated.