The road user charge rates for passenger and freight transport will change from next year

The new changes of road user charge (electronic vignette) approved by the Government this summer will come into force from 1 January 2024. The main change coming into force next year: the number of vehicle axles and the level of emissions (Euro class) will be assessed during the calculation of the road user charge).


Interactive map of bridges to be repaired was created

The joint stock company Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Road Administration) has created an interactive map providing 72 bridges in a bad condition to be repaired. The map also includes the designing, contract and construction works and the project contains information in relation therewith.


The section of the regional road Molėtai – Pabradė in Molėtai district will be reconstructed

The agreement of reconstruction of the section from 10.985 to 15.405 km of the regional road of national importance No 173 Molėtai – Pabradė has entered into force. The works are performed in accordance with the agreement, the value of which is 9.62 million Euros including VAT. It is envisaged to perform the works within 10 months from the day of entry into force of the agreement, i.e., before the end of January of 2024.


Polish contractors are invited to take part in project implementation in Lithuania

The Ministry of Transport and the joint stock company Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Road Administration) intend to encourage Polish road construction companies to take part in the implementation of large projects of the Lithuanian transport infrastructure and invite to take part in public tenders of contract works. During a visit in Poland, the specialists of the Ministry of Transport and the Road Administration have presented strategic projects of the country’s roads to the representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Poland, the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways (polish: Generalna Dyrekcja Dróg Krajowych i Autostrad) and representatives of contractors.


The Road Administration announces the beginning of the drawing competition “Safe traffic on the road 2023”

The joint stock company the Lithuanian Road Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Road Administration) announces the beginning of the annual drawing competition “Safe traffic on the road 2023”. The works of six winners of competition will be redrawn in the pavilions of bus stops, which, at the end of the competition, will be selected in accordance with the place of residence of winners. Students of education establishments, members of non-governmental organizations, communities may take part in the competition.


Upcoming reconstruction of road A14 Vilnius-Utena: almost 43 km length section from Riešė to Molėtai is being designed

The reconstruction of the main road A14 Vilnius-Utena is approaching: in the near future 42.8 km length section of concrete road between Riešė (Vilnius district) and Molėtai will be designed. The designing works are initiated upon entry into force of designing agreements of 5 different sections, which were signed between designers and the joint stock company Lithuanian Road Administration. A section of the same road between Molėtai and Utena is already being designed since the autumn of last year.


Marius Švaikauskas was elected the Director General of the Road Administration

Since the 24th of February of this year, the Joint Stock Company Lithuanian Road Administration under the Ministry of Transport and Communications (hereinafter referred to as the Road Administration) is lead by the Director General Marius Švaikauskas. The new Head of the company was elected for a five-year period by the Board of the Road Administration.


The beginning of reconstruction works of pedestrian and bicycle trails was announced in the Curonian Spit

Today, on the 23rd of February, a capsule containing a letter for future generations was buried during the event marking the beginning of construction works of the pedestrian and bicycle trail Smiltynė-Nida, which symbolically marked the beginning of reconstruction works.


Broken message – broken heart. Mobile phones and driving are incompatible

Travel safety depends on many factors, one of the most important of which is the driver’s reaction to the situation on the road, which is why when driving a car, one must focus on the road and avoid other activities. To avoid being distracted by phone calls, the Lithuanian Road Administration recommends that drivers turn off the phone and put the phone away from them before starting their journey, and that they set their route in the navigation system while they are stationary. The driver’s main job is to drive the car safely and, therefore, the drivers must take all necessary measures to ensure that they and the passengers they are transporting reach their destination safely.


Use of tyre rubber – in asphalt mixtures

The agreement on creating asphalt mixtures suitable for Lithuanian climatic conditions using recycled tyre rubber and determining their performance characteristics in order to assess the potential for further use has entered into force. In order to find a technological solution for the marketing of recycled tyre rubber products in asphalt mixtures for national roads, Lithuanian Road Administration, AB (hereinafter – the Road Administration) is conducting innovative research.


Preparing to reconstruct the road of national importance for national defence in Švenčionys District

In Švenčionys District, near Pabradė Polygon, almost 6 km section of the regional road No 4415 Pabradė–Meškerinė (from 5.3 to 11.1 km) is being prepared for overhaul. The Lithuanian Road Administration has launched the public procurement for the preparation of the technical detailed design, supervision of the project implementation and execution of the works for the overhaul of this road section. It is planned that, following the successful completion of the public procurement procedures, the project will be implemented during the period 2023–2024.


Lifelong learning principle holds true in developing road safety skills

In 2022, Lithuanian Road Administration, AB (hereinafter – the Road Administration) has reached the audience of more than 70,000 people through direct communication projects in the field of road safety education.